PWI Skills Balance Patch

Caveat :

THIS MIGHT NOT BE ACCURATE, BUT IT’S THE BEST I CAN DO. If I’m unsure on a translation, I’ll include a note =).

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New Skills

Ok, so this is my attempt at translating >this picture<. From the WanMei forums. I’m just going down the list in order, I’m going to focus on translating the new skills first, so I’m leaving the skill nerf/buffs alone until I add all the new skills. I’m slowly filling in the blanks now.

Keep checking back, eventually all the field will be filled in. (Or I just get bored and forget about this whole thing, who knows?)

If you want to help with translations/corrections, >join my Discord<. Also looking for possible contributors to possibly make a new fansite with updated information? Idk.

I’m writing this one skill at a time (Last updated March 7, 2AM GMT -5), so it’ll literally be updated by the minute/hour over the next few days. This is not only this post, but the site in general (still need to iron out the theme and stuff).

Editor/Translator’s Notes

Quick thanks to everyone on Tideswell that answered my questions on WC!

Ignore the Ω/Ψ/Ф icons for now, I know they’re wrong on the table below, I don’t wanna mess with it yet. I’ll get to the proper Chinese/English translations for those later. My current theory is :

  • Ω – 神 – Primal Demon (yes it’s the same character for God/Divine)
  • Ф – 神 – Primal Sage (yes it’s the same character for God/Divine)
  • Σ – 神 – Primal 100 skill (you can kinda see how 神 gets confusing, no it doesn’t mean Primal, it means Divine)
  • Ψ – 至 – Neverfall (“Extreme” in the tables below), but I also see 神 used for Ψ skills too… so confused
  • – 创世 – “Creation”, think this refers to the subsiding dirt skill.

Ignore the wrong glyph names, I’ll replace Red with Sanguine later (as well the other colors)

I haven’t played in a while, so I’m not very familiar with the game after the rebirth patch, I’m just coming back. I could be very wrong about basic game knowledge, please submit any corrections if you see them!

Current Progress

Just doing the initial draft, will go back and fix all the grammar/icons.
Also need to find numeric values for the Glyph effects.

BM – Done
Mage – Done
Barb – Done
Veno – Done
Archer – Done
Cleric – Done
Mystic – Done
Seeker – Incomplete
Psychic – Done
Assassin – Done
SB – skipping due to lack of reference material, will work on this next
The two new classes – Back burners… we don’t have them yet.


Skill Name
Original Skill(s)ChangesTranslation Notes:
Ω/ΨShadowless StormNew SkillCombines [Cyclone Heel] with [Shadowless Kick]
Requires Unarmed, Fist or Claw

Causes massive physical and metal damage in an 8 meter radius, increase attack rate, interrupt enemy channeling.

Glyph Effects:
[Gold] Deals additional damage
[Green] Casting duration decreased
[Blue] Gain additional Chi
[Red] Consume 50% chi**, deals a massive amount of additional damage.
[Silver] Remove increased attack rate to deal additional damage.
**Does this mean consume 50% of your current chi? costs 50% more chi? or just 50% of 1 spark?
Extreme : ChargeNew SkillCombines [Wreckless Rush] with [Vacuous Palm]
Requires any melee weapon

Jump to an enemy within 20 meters, causes target to receive additional physical damage for 3 seconds, target is slowed for 8 seconds.
"Extreme" is basically the prefix like Ω/Ψ. I'm sure we'll get a new symbol.
Extreme : ThunderboltNew SkillCombines [Buddha's Guard] with [Diamond Sutra]

Immediately recovers 50% of HP and continue to recover 100% of your health. Convert 80% of your physical attack to both physical defense and magical defense. Lasts 60 seconds.
金刚 translated to Sanskrit is "Vajra", a mythical weapon from Buddhism that resembles the western concept of "Thunderbolt". The two characters are also the prefix for the Chinese names of Diamond Sutra and Buddha's Guard.
Extreme : Flashing ThunderNew SkillCombines [Flash] with [Bolt of Tyreseus]
Requires Blade, Sword, or Fist.

Deals 200% of base physical damage to the target and freeze the target for 5 seconds. Cannot miss.

Sword/Blade : Range increased to 20 meters, converts physical damage to metal damage instead.
Fist: Add an additional 80% base damage, converts physical damage to a combination of metal damage and bleed over time.
Dragon RisingAxes/Poleaxes/Hammers/Polearms stun an extra 2 seconds

Pikes/Clubs deals an additional 600% of weapon damage

Blades/Swords increase the channeling time of non-player targets by 50%, players by 100%, for 10 seconds.
Axes/Poleaxes/Hammers/Polearms no change

Poleblades/Pikes/Clubs range is increased to 20 meters, deals an additional 100% of weapon damage.

Blades/Swords range is increased to 20 meters, deals an additional 100% of weapon damage, damage converted to metal damage.
I wish this was renamed to Rising Dragon Breaks the Sky, like in The King's Avatar.

Can't wait for season 2 ^___^

Also I could be translating TKA instead of translating PWI skills right now =(
Star SmitePoleblades/Pikes/Clubs have a 33% chance to stun for 5 seconds

Blades/Swords generate an additional 35 Chi.
Poleblades/Pikes/Clubs range increased to 20 meters, deals an additional 100% of weapon damage.

Blades/Swords range increased to 20 meters, deals an additional 100% of weapon damage, converts damage to metal damage.
Ω/Ψ Soul ChaserWeapon: Blade or Sword

Deals base physical damage, your next Ω/ΨFarstrike within 6 seconds will crit.
Weapon: Blade or Sword

Deals base physical damage, your next Ω/ΨFarstrike within 6 seconds will crit. Deals an additional 100% of weapon damage, converts damage to Metal damage.

BY THE WAY, this is what Rising Dragon should look like ;__;

It happens at 3:15

Tang Rou best girl.


Skill NameOriginal SkillChangesTranslation Notes
Ω/ΨEssential Sutra[Essential Sutra]Upgrades from [Essential Sutra]

Consume 200 Chi, restore 20% of your maximum mana, remove channeling for 6 seconds.

Glyph Effects:
[Gold] Consume 300 chi, additional effect: For 6 seconds, [Blade Tempest], [Black Ice Dragon Strike], and [Mountain's Seize] do not require Chi.

[Green] Increase the amount of mana recovered.
[Blue] Increase the duration of no channeling time.
[Red] Recovers Chi
[Silver] Also grants immunity to movement debuffs.
Gold Glyph... yikes
Creation : Magical OverloadWhile active, your ability deal 50% more damage but all damage you take is increased by 50%.While active, your ability deal 50% more damage but all damage you take is increased by 30%.50->30
Extreme : Icy Shield
New SkillCombines [Ice Prison] with [Elemental Shell]

Consume all mana.
Receive a shield for 10 seconds. The shield grants additional defense equal to mana consumed. The first 5 seconds renders self invulnerable. All enemies within 12 meters that are damaged while shielded, and up to 4 seconds after the shield disappears are frozen. Frozen enemies receive 30% additional damage.
"Extreme" is basically the prefix like Ω/Ψ. I'm sure we'll get a new symbol.

*** This translation is most likely wrong, I need to reread the Chinese text again. I'll come back for this.

Also, the commas and periods are not going to match up, I'm breaking Chinese grammar to make this more English readable.


SkillnameOriginal SkillChangesTranslation Notes
Penetrate ArmorN/AUpgrades [Penetrate Armor]

Combine Sage and Demon bonuses, increasing damage dealt.

Glyph Effects:
[Gold] Increase damage
[Green] Increase range
[Blue] Gain chi
[Red] Increase armor break
[Silver] Deals additional damage at the cost of %HP.
Ω/ΨCornered Beast [Red]Duration 50/60/70/80 seconds.Duration 40/50/60/70 seconds.Nerf I guess
Ω/ΨBlood Rush [Silver]Stacks up to 10 timesStacks up to 6 times.Nerf I guess
Untamed WrathChannel 1.0 Seconds
Cast 1.5 Seconds
Channel 0.5 seconds
Cast 1.0 seconds
Buff I guess


Skill NameOriginalChangesNotes
Ω/ΨDivine BoostNew SkillCombines [Metabolic Boost] with [Nature's Grace]
Recover 60% of HP and Mana

Glyph Effects:
[Gold] Increase recovered amount
[Green] Reduce Cooldown
[Blue] Reduce Channeling Time
[Red] Also recovers Chi
[Silver] Increase Mana Recovered
Feral ConcentrationImmune to all
incoming damage but preventing you
from moving. Lasts 10 seconds.
In addition, cannot cast skills, genie skills, or basic attacks.
Reduce channeling from 1.5 to 0.5 seconds.
Demon Ironwood ScarabDemon version only has a 20% chance to weaken
the target, but reduces Physical Defense to 0.
Demon version does additional damage, removes chance to reduce physical defense.Does this mean demon gets 0% armor break? Or just 30% like Lv10?

The Redstone Venomworm adjustment below is grouped together with this skill adjustment; they're related.
Ω/ФRedstone Venomworm [Green]Decreases player target's Physical Defense by 70%/80%/90%/100%.Deals physical "damage"** to a single target, reduce target's Physical Defense. If the target is a player that suffers 100% armor break, adjust Chi cost from 25 to 200, adjust cooldown from 8 seconds to [image is cut off here]**Damage can also mean harm

This is an.. interesting change.


Skill NameOriginalChangesNotes
Ω/ФStormrage EagleonSage/Demon versionsUpgrades from [Stormrage Eagleon]
Slows the enemy, reduces the target's Physical and Magic Defense.

Glyph Effects:
[Gold] Damage increase
[Green] Damage increase based on distance to target (further does more)
[Blue] Channel time reduces
[Red] Restore chi
[Silver] Deals additional damage, converts to Charged damage. (Take Aim)
ΨLeap Left [Silver]Reduce damage taken from attacks at least 8 meters away by 99% for 2/3/4/5 seconds.Reduce damage taken from attacks at least 8 meters away by 99% for 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0 seconds.Nerfed
ΨLeap Right [Silver]Reduce damage taken from attacks at least 8 meters away by 99% for 2/3/4/5 seconds.Reduce damage taken from attacks at least 8 meters away by 99% for 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0 seconds.Nerfed
Arrow Inferno3.1 channel time2.0 channel time
Close range damage reductionDeals half damage to targets too close to you.Remove damage reduction to range weapons.Is this going to be a new passive? Or is it blanket change for all Bow/XBow weapons?


Skill NameOriginalChangesNotes
Ω/ΨCompound** SealCombines [Elemental Seal] with [Dimensional Seal]

Reduces the Physical and Magical Defense of the enemy.

Glyph Effects:
[Gold] Increase the % of PDef reduced
[Green] Reduce channeling time
[Blue] Increase Range
[Red] Gain additional chi
[Silver] Increase the % of MDef reduced.
It did not mention reducing their own P/MDef.

Also nice seeing Gold/Silver diverging to give people choices.

**I made this up, the Chinese word doesn't translate to English well.


Skill NameOriginalChangesNotes
Ω/ФDisturb SoulCombines Sage/Demon perksUpgrade from [Disturb Soul]

Increase the duration, additional channeling reduction on the enemy.

Glyph Effects:
[Gold] Deals additional damage
[Green] Reduce the target's attack speed
[Blue] Reduce channeling time of [Disturb Soul]
[Red] Restore additional chi
[Silver] Applies a "detonation seal" that deals additional damage****
*** I don't have time tonight to look this up, but I think it's similar to Sand Flood. If that's not it, blame Chryso.
∆Psionic InfusionReduce Soulforce by 100% for 40 seconds and increase magic attack by the same amount for 20 secondsReduce Soulforce by 100% for 20 seconds and increase magic attack by the same amount for 20 secondshow tf does 祭魂真诀 translate to Psionic Infusion. <_<
Spirit PhalanxChannel time: 2.0 seconds.
Cast time: 1.0 seconds.
Create an impenetrable shell of psychic energy around your ally.
The target becomes immune to all damage for 10 seconds, but cannot
take any actions. Restores the target to 100% Health when the effect ends.
Costs 2 Sparks.
Only when used on self***, Reduce chi cost to 1 spark, reduce channeling to 0.5 seconds.*** It might also mean it can only be used on self now
Ω/ФStone Smasher4 seconds channelingChanneling reduced to 2 seconds.


Skill NameOriginalChangesNotes
Ω/ФEarthen Rift8 Meter rangeUpgrades from [Earthen Rift]
Deals greater damage to enemies in a 10 meter radius.

Glyph Effects:
[Gold] Increase a little damage, add 1 additional hit counter (multi hit)
[Green] Increase an even smaller amount of damage, add 2 additional hit counters
[Blue] Increase damage radius, add 1 additional hit counter
[Red] Also slow enemies hit, add 1 additional hit counter
[Silver] No additional hit counter, increase damage massively


Skill NameOriginalChangesNotes
Ω/ΨEnergy LeechCannot be interrupted by stun or freeze effects. Lasts 6 seconds.Upgraded from [Energy Leech]

Cannot be interrupted by stun or freeze effects. Lasts 9 seconds. Change to increase your movement speed for 10 seconds.

Glyph Effects**:
[Gold] Immunity to negative status effects for 1/2/3/4 seconds
[Green] 100% chance to increase movement speed by 6/7/8/9 seconds
[Blue] Increase immunity to CC duration to 10/11/12/13 seconds
[Red] Restore Chi after casting
[Silver] Reduce damage taken.
**a little iffy on the red glyph effect, will come back to this
Resurrect30 seconds cooldown15 seconds cooldown
Mass Resurrection15 minutes cooldown10 minutes cooldown
Nature's Barrier [Red Glyph]Shield an ally with a barrier of light. Blocking one attack that would deal lethal damage for 4/6/8/10 seconds.Shield an ally with a barrier of light. Grants target 1/2/3/4 seconds of invulnerability, blocks one attack that would deal lethal damage for an additional 5 seconds.
Gaia's Blessing [Red Glyph]Blah blah blah, get chi backI'm 99% sure I'm translating this correctly:

Grants allies within 20 meters immunity to Purge/Spirit Blackhole for 15/20/25/30 seconds.


Skill NameOriginalChangesNotes
ΣBloodthirsty BlitzDeals massive damage to enemies in a 12 meter radius, restore 20% of your health.Upgrades from [Bloodthirsty Blitz]
Deals an additional 100% of weapon damage.

Glyph Effects:
[Gold] Increase damage dealt
[Green] Restore chi
[Blue] Increase damage radius
[Red] Does not recover health, greatly increases damage dealt
[Silver] Increase % of health recovered.
ΦChaos BladeTranslate this later
ΩChaos BladeTranslate this later
ΨStalagstrikeMelee Skill

Channel a furious burst of magic against all enemies within 12 meters, dealing 110% of base physical damage plus 100% of weapon damage plus 6600. Stuns and deals additional damage to targets with the Bloodletting status.
Ranged Skill

Deals damage to a single target within 20 meters.
Is this a nerf?


Skill NameOriginalChangesNotes
Ω/Ф Divine MoonlightDeals earth damage to a target within 20 meters, put the target to sleep for 5 seconds.
○ Deals additional Earth Damage
● Demon version increases the duration to 6 seconds.
Upgrades from [Divine Moonlight]

Deals increased earth damage to a target within 20 meters, puts the target to sleep for 6 seconds.

Glyph Effects
[Gold] Deals increasing amount of Earth damage
[Green] Increase range
[Blue] 50% chance to cause "鬼神斩"***
[Red] Restore Chi
[Silver] While transformed, increase range
Translates to
"Dimensional Split"
"Heaven Ravager"

I tried searching Chinese text within pages that mention weapon effects G15-G17, and DB skill descriptions, but I don't know what this is.


There’s a translation on the PWI General Discussions forums, it’s pretty much right.



yeah I know you guys are calling it Paladin, BUT WE DON’T KNOW YET OKAY, LET ME BE.

So they’re balancing the new classes that we don’t have yet, I’ll leave this alone for now. I might just make another page about the new classes soon (never-ish).



AGAIN, I know you guys are all like oh it’s Gunner, but watch The King’s Avatar okay.


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